19 February 2012

Scheme Redesign

Over the past week I have been redeveloping my scheme.  It has become apparent to me that the project lacks a certain depth; so I have spent some time analysing my work to date and drafting new ideas.  Over recent weeks, the architecture itself has been moving forward as has the programme; however I feel that as the scheme has developed, the location of the site has become negligible.  In order therefore to improve the project as a whole, I feel that I need to shake things up a bit.  After a few days of sketching out numerous revisions and new concepts, I have decided upon a new direction for the building: 

The site is to move to London.  The building has a symbiotic relationship with the high-rise office buildings of London, working in conjunction with the existing structures.  The Orchid Farm delivers the mass customisation of products to the public whilst providing internal gardens and break-out spaces within the offices.

Concept Section

Materiality Study 1

Materiality Study 2

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