18 April 2012

Final Crit & Animation Stills

I’ve spent a lot of time modeling, rendering, analysing and re-rendering these last few weeks and hence I haven’t loaded much work.  Final crit done and dusted however and I have a bit more time on my hands, for a few days at least.

Above are a series of stills from the short animated film I produced for the crit.  There is some re-editing and some more scenes that I want to add for the final hand in so I will spend the next few weeks working into this before I post the final edit.


  1. hi Richard.
    I am just wondering what kind of setup did you used to produce those animation and rendering?is it iMac?can you provide me details?thanks


    1. Hi Eliayes,

      The scenes were all modelled in 3DS Max, rendered in Vray and composited in After Effects